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UNILUX acquires the French specialist in Luminotherapy: DAYVIA

UNILUX acquires DAYVIA, the French specialist in Luminotherapy

Lampe de Luminothérapie Dayvia Unilux
Lampe de luminotherapie Dayvia_Slimstyle White

June 2020

Unilux is expanding its expertise in light and health by acquiring Dayvia, a French specialist in Luminotherapy.

Founded in the 1950s, Unilux has developed in the field of office lighting and office layout.
For the past 5 years, Unilux has been expanding its offer by offering wellness and ergonomic solutions for a better quality of life at work.
With this new acquisition, Unilux is strengthening its skills in the “health / well-being” field through medical devices using light.
Dayvia also designs and develops, in collaboration with eminent researchers and experts, a full range of luminotherapy devices: lamps, glasses, cabins, etc.
Light therapy acts on the synchronization of the biological clock and makes it possible to remedy the phenomena of: seasonal depression, sleep problems, change in appetite and metabolism, extreme fatigue, cognitive performance.

The new entity Unilux / Dayvia presents important complementarities and perspectives:

– Opening of Unilux to new development perspectives, by deepening its skills in chronobiology and medical approvals for Dayvia;

– Widening of the distribution of Dayvia products internationally by the presence of Unilux throughout Europe through the Hamelin network;

– Development of new distribution channels, in particular via the traditional “Office” network;

– Numerous operational synergies for the two entities in the fields of R&D, manufacturing and the supply chain;

– The “Made in France” of Dayvia systems with its European partners fits perfectly into the environmental and civic strategy of Unilux and the Hamelin group.

For Unilux and the Hamelin group, this acquisition perfectly meets their strategic orientations: light, health, ergonomics, efficiency for a better quality of life at work.