In the Protection&Presentation family are to be found all soft plastic based products aimed at protecting and/or presenting. Whoever you are: A student, a parent, a pupil or a professional, we have a large range of adapted products for you that will fit perfectly to the highest of your expectations.

  Punched pockets:

Punched flexible plastic sleeve, open on at least one side, aimed at being used in a binder. Punched pockets serve in tidying, archiving or protecting your documents within the binder. We produce different pockets for all kinds of binders (different sizes and number of rings). You can select your product depending on what you wish to insert in it: A4, A5, A3 size documents, for both sides' or big capacity usage, with or without flaps, or for any other kind of purpose (CD/DVD, photos, visit cards, coins, catalogues, maps...)


Plastic sleeve open on two sides. L-folders serve in protecting and classifying documents, whilst travelling, at the office, at home or at school. We produce several products in different sizes, colours and materials.


Plastic sleeve usually open on one side. U-folders are mainly used to protect documents and are available for the protection of all your A4, A5, A6 size official documents (passport, identity and bank cards...)

  Display books:

Are composed of several plastic pockets and bound with either a soft or hard cover. This product serves in protecting, transporting and consulting documents in a well kept way. Our range consists of a large choice of materials, cover decorations, capacities (10 to 100 pockets), sizes (A3, A4 and A5), and optional label holder or dividers… Our display books contain either fixed pockets, which are welded to the cover, or a removable system such as Flexam or Variozipp, which allow moving, removing or insertion of new pockets.

  Exercise books:

Plastic protection folder that serve in protecting books during the school year. Exercise books also help to visually identify a school subject through the colour that is given to it by the teacher.

Our products offer you several embossed, materials, colours and standards of quality, and are available in all European sizes 17x22cm, A5, A4 and 24x32cm, with optional label holders and flap bookmarks.

  Cover books: Plastic protection film for school or library books.

Coloured or colourless, our cover books are available in several widths (45cm or 70cm) and lengths (from 1 to 50m). Our offer also includes adhesive rolls and non adhesive rolls with protection corners or with an integrated system of cut.

We also produce an ingenious system of plastic sheets ready and easy to use to effectively cover all book sizes, including A4 format with the Magic Cover ®.

Our products are sold all over Europe under the brands Elba, Favorit and Bantex and produced in our own factories. These factories are located in Europe and strictly respect the rules for quality and the environment.