OXFORD is the flagship brand of Hamelin.

The first OXFORD branded exercise books were sold in the UK in the early 30's. Today millions of OXFORD notebooks are used every year by pupils, students and business professionals. The brand has built a strong legitimacy through undisputable quality products which perfectly fit their users' needs.

Over the years OXFORD has launched many significant innovations which have left their mark on the market: the 2-colour ruling for better reading comfort, the creation of academic diaries for pupils and students, the replacement of spirals with the more robust wire-o binding and the use of waterproof polypropylene for notebook covers.All of these innovations are now market standards and illustrate OXFORD's manufacturing expertise and strong creative ability.

Since 2002 the OXFORD brand hasentered many international markets and now covers all paper products (notebooks, notepads and diaries) for school and office segments. Thanks to its wide product range, extensive distribution and level of advertising investments, OXFORD is today the leading European brand for notebooks and notepads.

One of the keys to OXFORD's success lies in its segmented approach: everyone deserves a notebook, notepad or diary which brings him/her the best solution for everyday use at school or at the office. Personal achievement requires great self-confidence and considerable willpower to surpass oneself. This is the ultimate ambition to which OXFORD is committed; bringingconsumers a unique range of paper products perfectly suited to their needs.

Another key to success is the brand's continuous advertising presence on the large and small screen since 1978 in order to stay closely in touch with its consumers and remind them of the OXFORD promise: more than ever the OXFORD notebook, notepad or diary is the perfect tool for expressing oneself.